We’re experienced self delivery company with over 4 years experience working with several e-commerce vendors in Nigeria…we’re available to handle all your product deliveries. Feel free to call us!

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Why our Clients bank on us

Fast and Reliable

With our over 4 years of experience, we’ve worked with several vendors, you have nothing to worry about because your goods are ind safe hsnfds & we’re customer friendly.

No Hidden Charges

Zero pick up fees, we don’t charge extra fees for warehousing, we don’t charge for failed delivery etc.

Fast Remittance

One of the major reason our clients rely on us is our same day remittance. Except on some uncontrolled circumstances like poor bank network etc.


Our rates are affordable. Nevertheless, we don’t compromise our premium services.

Don't sit on the fence

Never lose a customer again! A good self-delivery agent is the back-bone of every successful e-commerce business. You might have 1000 orders daily, but without a good delivery firm like ATG Fox handling your product delivery, you'll lose your customers.

express delivery company in uyo and Calabar

Frequently Asked Questions

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ATG Fox is a self delivery agency that serves as an intermediary between e-commerce vendors and customers.

Our mode of operation is quite simple, you send us products and your customer details, we pick-up and deliver to your customer(s). We get payment from your customers and remit to you.

Our charges are solely based on customers location, each LGAs we cover has different fees. Feel free to hit us up today for more details.

Don’t take our word for it!

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Your best plug for Calabar and Uyo, use him and come back to think me with your money. the guy is good, much blessings brother.