The opportunity all business owners should’nt miss this year

It’s already the beginning of a new decade and a lot of tech innovations are already in place.

What are your actions?

Are you revolving your business around this innovations?

Or you’re just continuing with the old form of marketing and everything?

If I had told you in 2010 that one day you’d be able to take photos and videos with a flying camera that would take off from the ground, follow your directions as it soared into the skies and miraculously returned back, you might have thought I was pretty crazy.


But it indeed happened.

As did an app that could sense where you were and get a car to you within minutes for a ride.

And a small box that connected to the TV and changed how we view entertainment forever.


Now let me blow your mind…

Do you know that a time is coming when your prospective clients will only patronise businesses they find online.

And that time is now!


But what if they (prospects) can’t find anything about your brand online?

And the result is saddening…

Because the reality is that, you’ll be loosing your prospects to your competitors that are having strong online visibility.


Do you know that just one decision you make now can change your entrepreneurial story for good?

And what could that important decision be?


You can make more sales, be more productive and scale above your competitors with a single decision you make today!


Google Local Map Listing

A Google my Business listing, couple with a professional/responsive designed website put your mind at ease while you’re travelling for vacations or sleeping.


Other benefits of a responsive websites are:-

  • A responsive website represent you (your brand) while you’re offline.
  • It’s online 24/7.
  • It’s easily accessible
  • A professional website design interacts with your prospects on your behalf.

But getting such professional looking and responsive website is costly

But we’re here to save you the stress and cost!

This month alone (January 2020), we’ll be offering special discount to 10 business proprietors that hit my inbox before 12:00pm today.


These are some features of our web design services:

  1. Powerful Web hosting plan (with Namecheap)
  2.  Domain name (.com .org .co.UK
  3.  Free SSL certificate (https)
  4. 3 free custom domain (e.g
  5. Responsive design (that’s accessible on all devices)
  6.  Google map integration
  7. Social media page integration
  8.  About , contact us page etc
  9.  Free live support and lots more

Here are some of the digital services we also offer @ :–

  • Website design/development
  • Website maintenance
  • Social media marketing
  • Social media handle management
  • Search engine marketing
  • Search engine Optimization
  • Google map listing


Let’s book a deal!


Some of our previous website design works

website designer in Calabar
website designer in Calabar

website designer in Calabar
website designer in Calabar

website designer in Calabar
Abas tech global



Why our clients like our services


  • We offer strategic design interface that suit your nature of business.
  • We host our clients website on the best server
  • Quality and on time service delivery.
  • We’re a registered Digital marketing firm (ABAS TECH GLOBAL __ RC2934152) registered under the CAC. Etc.

Request a quote now!

WhatsApp: +2348163636696

If you want your brand to help you, help your brand!

Have a more productive year ahead!

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